Welcome, Principal Rosenkrantz!


Noah F.

This year at Posnack High School we have a new principal: Ms. Brooke Rosenkrantz!  Prior to joining our Posnack family, Ms. Rosenkrantz was the principal of the Success Academy High School of Liberal Arts in New York.  Before becoming a principal, Ms. Rosenkrantz earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Amherst College, and she then went on to acquire a master’s degree in Education Policy and Management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Since starting in July, Ms. Rosenkratz has been enjoying her new position and living “the Posnack Way!” Some of the things she loves about Posnack are the motivated students, the amazing parents, and the warm & welcoming feeling you get when you are here.  Her main goal as principal is to make sure that students are successful, and that Posnack High School offers one of the best college preparatory programs in the region.  

And, while she does plan to implement some changes, Ms. Rosenkrantz was drawn to Posnack for a variety of reasons such as our combination of academic programs, our focus on individual students, the size of our classes, and our dedication to Israel & Judaism.  According to Ms. Rosenkrantz, the Posnack students are naturally motivated and respectful, the teachers are involved, and the future at Posnack is looking incredibly bright! 

Welcome, Principal Rosenkrantz!