Stuck at home? Now what to do?

Stuck at home?  Now what to do?

Laura G., Senior Staff Writer

As we stay at home for the weeks to come, it can feel as if we are stuck: we’re never able to go
out or see our friends in person. Although many may enjoy never having to leave bed and
joke about never going outside, the very idea of not being able to go outside can have a
multitude of effects, many of which are negative. Humans by nature are social creatures who
need to socialize and we need fresh air!
We here at the Psonack Pulse have put together a list of activities to try while stuck at home.
Spring has just begun, so being stuck inside is the perfect chance to start on spring
cleaning. Why not spend some time organizing that last mess-filled box or go through your
closet to sort out old clothes? Also, a clean room can be a lovely refresher and create a whole
new welcoming space. Sometimes a simple small change in the environment can make the biggest
Go Through Your ‘Watch Later’ List
You know that list of tv shows or online videos you have been putting off? Well, now is
the perfect time to watch them, especially if you have nothing else to do. It can also be nice to
turn on a show while cleaning or doing some other activity.
Try a DIY or a Craft
Creating can be a wonderful activity despite how frustrating it can seem in the beginning.
Pinterest has hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of small ‘do it yourself’ projects that you can tryout. It can also just help to sit down and do something with your hands such as making a
friendship bracelet or trying embroidery on a spare shirt. Also, try simply getting creative-
doodle, sketch, or even paint!
Change out of your Pajamas
Even if it is a simple change of pajama pants to a new pair of sweatpants, small changes
can make big differences when it comes to how you feel. It can be a nice way to feel refreshed
when stuck at home where nothing seems to really change.
Call Family and Friends
As silly as it may sound, keeping in contact with the people you love or care about is
extremely important, especially in hard times where we may not be able to see them in person.
Social distancing is a wonderful practice helping to prevent the spread of the virus, but it merely
means we should stay physically apart, not cut each other out of our lives entirely. Thus, be sure
to shoot a friend or family member a small text to see how they are doing or even talk to those
stuck at home with you. Perhaps, this can be a lovely chance to sit down and really talk about
something you never had the chance to do before!
Of course, there are hundreds of other activities available to you such as doing small
exercises at home or writing down how you are feeling. What is important is to keep busy and
keep up with any work you may have in your classes for however long we are still stuck at home.
Just because we are stuck indoors does not mean we cannot open windows or talk to
friends and family members!  In times like these, it is imperative to remember the importance of staying connected and moving forward even in the smallest of ways.