Amazon Arrives in Israel!

Aaron A., Senior Writer

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With the E-Commerce giant, Amazon, planning on launching locally in Israel on September 12th, some sellers are already offering a fast shipping service before the official start date. Amazon was originally supposed to start local operation sometime over the summer but was delayed, trying to recruit more local sellers. Along with the Israeli market, Amazon plans on introducing the world to a vast array of Israeli products and manufactures This is a big step in the right direction for Amazon, as the Israeli market is a great asset to any company due to a diverse demographic and consumer base. This will employ thousands of Israelis while creating opportunities for small to branch out internationally. It will be interesting to see how the initial Amazon service evolves due to Israel’s technology-rich culture. After many years of other middle eastern countries having an Amazon based marketplace (, it’s a great step for Israel to join other big market economies. All Israelis will soon enjoy the convenience of quickly delivered, quality Israeli and International goods.