The Posnack Pulse


The Posnack Pulse is in its first year of publication, produced by students in the Journalism program of Paul and Maggie Fischer High School at the David Posnack Jewish Day School in Davie, Florida. The news site serves students, parents, and staff of the school.

We encourage participation with our publication and invite readers to respond to polls and contests, as well as to submit guest editorials and letters to the editor. We reserve the right to edit letters and guest editorials for grammar and space restrictions and will publish no letters or articles that are libelous or defamatory to any staff members, students, administration or to the Posnack community.

The logo for the Posnack Pulse was created by Jason Mark ’14, and the website was configured by Justin Etzine ’14.

Letters to the editor may be emailed to the Advisor, Mrs. Laurie Cohen, or to the Editors-in-Chief, Julie Rosner ’16 and Lindsay Salzman ’16.

2014-15 Staff

The Posnack Pulse Staff 2014-15 Picture

2013-14 Staff
The Posnack Pulse Staff 2013-14 Picture

The student news site of the Paul and Maggie Fischer High School