5,000 year old Metropolis Discovered in the Holy Land


Photo Credit: CNN

Aaron A., Staff Writer

On October 6th, Israeli archaeologists fully uncovered an ancient city located on the northern coast of Israel. The Bronze Age metropolis, called En Esur Lie, is believed to have had up to 6,000 residents. The excavation, located on both sides of a major Israeli highway leading to the north, is by far the largest archaeological site discovered in the state. Most of the city is estimated to be 5,000 years old but another 7,000-year-old settlement was discovered underneath the already ancient metropolis. Almost 5,000 Israeli high schoolers took part in the massive excavation project, providing a hands-on learning experience and uncovering the ancient world piece by piece. This discovery is one of several throughout Israel, as many civilizations have called the Holy land home over its rich history.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of land available to develop in Israel, the site will be recovered in dirt to make way for upcoming road work projects. Public tours of the site will only last for two days, and to help preserve this discovery for future generations, it will be immortalized through special computer software that creates 3D images of what the site looked like 5,000 years ago. The site will be covered in the least harmful way possible, in hopes, it will go back in the ground the same way it was discovered. Maybe in 5,000 years, future generations will make the same discovery!