Understanding the Coronavirus

Understanding the Coronavirus


J.J. R., Staff Writer

The coronavirus is nearing pandemic state, and it is creating disruptions throughout the world. Currently, there are around 83,000 cases of coronavirus in 48 countries across the globe. The majority of the cases are centralized in the Hubei province of China, but there are now large outbreaks that have begun in Italy, South Korea, and Japan. Italy’s outbreak is suspected to be caused by human fault in handling the first case of the virus. Additionally, many more countries now fear that they will also have widespread outbreaks in their country especially America and Germany. This is because there have now been cases reported of people who were not known to be exposed to the virus in any way in both America and Germany. This is a good indicator that the virus will begin spreading rapidly in these countries and eventually spread to even more countries. 

The coronavirus has also caused large disruptions throughout multiple international markets. The virus has caused all work to be stopped throughout China to stop the spread of the virus. America and other countries depend on large exports from China to come frequently, and the virus has brought these exports to a stop. This is beginning to cause many problems for small businesses with not much stock located in America. Since fears of the Virus have begun in America investors are beginning to get scared and pulling out of the market this has caused the Nasdaq market to drop nearly 1000 points in just a short 10 day period. Furthermore, the European stock market has dropped 4% already. 

Currently, doctors and scientists are hoping that the coronavirus is seasonal similar to the influenza virus, and as the weather starts getting warmer the virus will begin to die off. However, these are just hopes and there is no evidence showing that this will occur. The CDC has predicted that if the virus breaks out it could end up infecting about 40% to 70% of the world population. That would mean it is possible up to 4,900,000,000 people could end up infected with this virus. The mortality rate of the virus is currently predicted to be anywhere for 2-5%, but 15% for people over the age of 80. This is an extreme cause for concern as hundreds of millions of people could eventually end up dying from this virus. 

Currently, many people are working on a vaccine for the virus, but human testing for the vaccine is not expected to begin for multiple weeks. Until a vaccine would be approved to be used safely by the public it may be too late for many people. Trump believes America is highly prepared to handle the virus, and he has put Mike Pence in charge of handling the coronavirus. As of now the only way to reduce your risk of becoming affected is not being exposed to someone with the virus, and to wash your hands regularly.