The Shortcomings of the iPhone 11

Yarin K., Senior Staff Writer

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The newest addition to Apple’s vast array of devices is the much anticipated iPhone 11. Contrary to popular belief, the sleek design of the new iPhone is not so unique. The general public has been disappointed by this release with the only significant new feature being the larger camera on the back of the device. According to multiple sources, some iPhone users are reporting that the forward-facing camera incites their trypophobia which is a fear of random, misplaced holes, blotches or spots.  The price is not something to be excited about either. The base model costs $700 with upgrades that can bring it to as high as $1100. Apple appears to be the only company to release nearly identical products at exponentially higher price points that people still purchase. 

The unique features of the iPhone are more or less limited to its cameras. The standard version features two forward-facing cameras, one of them being a wide lens camera and the other being a 4K high-quality camera. The pro and max version of the device features a third camera, which gives users an ultra-wide camera option. Another new feature of the iPhone 11 is its vast array of exterior colors; the options are black, white, red, purple, green, yellow and the pro and max feature a new midnight green color, a refreshed space gray, refreshed silver, and a new gold finish. 

Other than that, the new iPhone does not have much else to offer. I suggest sticking with whatever iPhone you currently have and when an iPhone with newer and better features comes out, upgrade.