Senior Spotlight – Jordan Eichenholz

Senior Spotlight - Jordan Eichenholz

Karen R., Co-Editor-in-Chief

Many might think that being a senior means goofing off and coming to school late every day, but senior Jordan Eichenholz, who is applying to more than 10 universities, is certainly defying these stereotypes. 

With more than 20 essays to write, including applications for scholarships and special programs, Eichenholz shared his secret on how he manages to keep on track. “I would be nowhere without Francie and Randi’s help. They make this process much easier than it seems, helping me every step of the way.” Eichenholz works meticulously on his college applications, but his jam-packed schedule, with multiple clubs, 6 AP classes, and a weekend job, keeps him busier than ever. 

Eichenholz aspires to go to college at the University of Pennsylvania, so he is applying ED. ED stands for early decision, and applying ED means signing a binding contract to the school. If the school accepts you, you MUST go thereno exceptions. However, Jordan still has a long list of colleges he’s considering. He is also submitting applications to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Cornell University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and the University of Maryland. 

The Posnack Pulse wishes Jordan the best of luck on the rest of the application process. May he get in everywhere he wants!