Posnack High School Elections

Posnack High School Elections

Rachel M., Senior Editor


The 2019-2020 David Posnack Jewish Day School student government elections invoked excitement within the student body as students returned for the new school year. Student candidates took initiative and filmed original and inventive videos to display in the Ram Gym in hopes of a successful campaign and positive feedback from the entire student body. Although a handful of students ran unopposed, several students competed head to head to win the positions to lead their fellow students. The first of many collective initiatives of student government will begin with Kulaqua where students bond and connect as part of a family within the Posnack school. The student government has the important responsibility of maintaining a healthy relationship between the administration and their grade while representing their constituents and ensuring their ability to make their voices heard. We hope for a successful and productive school year for the student government.


David Posnack High School Student Government Results

School Level:

Jake Rosenberg – President

Esther Cusnir – Vice President

Alexandra Pri-Hadash – Historian

Deborah Ghelman – Secretary

Ben Stein – Treasurer

Maya Vanunu – Jewish Life Representative


Senior Class

Samantha Chussid – President

Lauren Bejar – Vice President

Rachel Miara – Jewish Life Representative


Junior Class

Marina Waisenberg – President

Sammy Vaserstein – Vice President


Sophomore Class

Abie Bonkovski – President

Aryeh Bloom – Vice President 

Solomon Sion – Jewish Life Representative


Freshman Class

Yali Sommer – President 

Elliott Hull – Vice President