Our Jewish Roots

Aaron A., Senior Staff Writer

Recently, Israel has been growing date plants from seeds that are over 2,000-years-old! The seeds were taken from archaeological collections located by the dead sea. It is thought that the seeds originate from 11th century BCE from the forests that were built by King Herod. Until now, the date plants were considered extinct.  Over 30 seeds were planted with six saplings sprouting from the ground. Back then, dates were a very important and valuable export from the Judea region. The seeds were carefully monitored throughout the growing process and a baby bottle was used to water them! The surviving specimens have been named as well using traditional names such as Adam, Jonah, Uriel, Boaz, Judith, and Hannah. Israel is showing the world that it can take seeds from the time before the common era, and grow them in the modern-day. Hopefully this will lead to the comeback of many other ancient plants and fruits. Produce nowadays is nothing like it was even a few generations back, so the fruits and vegetables will look and taste very different. Israel leads the world when it comes to ancient findings, simply due to their location and history. Having these seeds grow brings a new, living dimension to history. The science of bringing back seeds from thousands of years ago cannot be overlooked. Researchers and scientists had to constantly look over these seeds with high tech equipment, demonstrating how advanced Israeli tech truly is.