Modern Family’s Last Hurrah!

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Modern Family, an American sitcom that airs on ABC, is currently in its tenth season.
On February 5th, the show was officially renewed for its 11th and last season. It portrays the
comical life of a family living in California.

Creators of the sit-com, Christopher Lloyd and Steven Leviton, also wrote Frasier,
another American sitcom. With an average of over ten million viewers per episode and 11
million viewers per season, Modern Family has changed the face of television. It even won
an Emmy for Best Comedy Series five times, being one of only two American sitcoms to do

Modern Family mirrors its viewers’ lives. The show shows a gay couple dating
and living together in the 2000s before gay marriage was legal. The gay couple also adopted
a child, making it the first show on TV to depict adoption by a gay couple. Modern Family
will go down as one of the best American sitcoms in the 21st century.

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