Les Miserables at Posnack!

Morgan I., Co -Editor-in-Chief

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After months of hard work, Posnack drama students performed the Broadway show Les Miserables on January 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 26th. In recent years, Posnack has performed somewhat more typical high school plays, including several Disney shows and School of Rock last year. This transformation from  simple, fantasy-like productions to an intricate, historical one was a significant step for Posnack. The
singing and acting in this show are especially sophisticated, but among the most unique aspects of Posnack’s rendition of it were the costume designs and makeup.

While past productions such as Into the Woods in 2016 called for princess dresses and dainty jewelry, the Les Miserables cast wore 19th-century frockcoats with ruffled sleeves and faded tattered gowns. Junior cast member Emma Grungold said, “Each of my costumes this year had several layers and each
layer was extremely detailed. I was really blown away by how much effort was put into every single
component of the costumes.” Grungold has been involved in the Drama Department since her first year of
middle school when she was in The Little Mermaid. In last year’s high school show, School of Rock,
she and other cast members wore simple, business casual outfits taken from home, playing teachers and
parents of elementary school students. Thus, the transition from last year’s costumes was quite significant.

Candice Fuhrman, the makeup artist for Posnack’s plays, faced several challenges with her job this
year. Freshman Cameron Miller, who portrayed an elderly woman in the first act of the play, along with
several ensemble roles, received special “old” makeup for the show. Ms. Fuhrman drew dark lines and
spots on Cameron’s face to resemble wrinkles and patches. Immediately after Cameron’s scene as an old
woman, Ms. Fuhrman removed her “old” makeup and replaced it with somewhat neutral makeup for her
remaining roles. Several other roles required mid-show makeup changes, such as the members of the
“chain gang,” who received brown makeup for certain scenes to resemble dirt. This made it crucial for
Ms. Fuhrman to be alert throughout the entire show as well as aware of every cast member’s roles.
Posnack is grateful for her hard work and dedication.

Posnack’s production of Les Miserables has raised the bar for the drama department, and we can
expect more incredible performances in the future!

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