Harvest Drive: Donate Today!

Rachel M., Senior Editor & Writer

Sophomores Abie B. & Solo S. collect for Harvest Drive!

The Harvest Drive is an annual Posnack tradition that helps feed less fortunate families for Thanksgiving. Each year, Posnack students look forward to helping others in the spirit of “Tzedakah”, or charity, and the Posnack way. Students participate by gathering goods, specifically foods, from their homes and bringing them to school. Additionally, students have the chance to load the goods onto a truck which will be taken to various facilities. The Harvest Drive is organized by the Posnack student government and is largely run by students as a group effort to make the greatest contribution possible. Contributions started Monday, November 4th, as volunteers from student government began their daily duties. Every morning, the volunteers hand out fliers to parents dropping off their kids for school, to bring awareness to the Harvest Drive. The primary focus of the drive is on canned goods. It is crucial that these canned goods are donated to our drive, as 1 in 5 children in Broward goes to bed hungry. Towards the end of the drive, the Posnack student government will bring a portion of the donations to McArthur Highschool for underprivileged students. Look for a student government member to help out!