Handling Stress in High School!

Handling Stress in High School!

Laura G., Senior Staff Writer

As school begins to take full swing, formatives, summatives, and assignments are piling higher and higher, causing more and more stress for students. Stress has become a common part of school; but is there any way to minimize the problem?

There are a variety of techniques and programs for managing and minimizing stress. However, it is first imperative to note that there is no magical elixir to eliminate all stress in your life. Some types of stress are even beneficial. For example, the pressure you feel to study for an upcoming test helps to ensure you will get a better grade. In contrast, if you need to study for multiple tests, write an essay for another class, and finish math homework, these small bits of stress become overwhelming!

Create a Schedule

Stress often occurs when a lot of work piles up, in many cases due to procrastination. Thus, the best method to prevent and manage stress is to split up the work into small manageable tasks. Instead of just waiting to finish projects the night before they are due, take advantage of due dates and divide the work between days. Time can seem very limiting when there are so many things to do, but always remember that today is tomorrow’s early.

Make Time for Yourself 

When creating a schedule be sure not to overwhelm yourself with work. Plan breaks in between long periods of work. Put aside time away from the craziness of social media and technology and pursue your own hobbies and interests. Simply put, just take time to relax and do what makes you happy.

In addition to planning out time for yourself, it is imperative to take care of yourself. Exercise regularly, eat healthier food, organize your workspace, etc. Your surroundings and health can have a considerable effect on your mental health. In fact, multiple studies identify regular exercise as an anxiety and stress reducer. 

Also, as obvious as it may sound, spend time with your friends. Humans are social creatures and hiding in your room will only hurt you. 

Try Stress Reduction Techniques

There are a variety of well-known techniques known to help with stress that you can try, such as meditation and yoga. A simple online search can provide a multitude of resources and guided instructions, many of which take only a few minutes. Furthermore, a positive mindset can be extremely helpful in times of distress. 

Take Advantage of Your Resources 

Finally, remember that you are not alone. Reach out to your friends, family, teachers, counselors, or whoever else you feel comfortable enough to talk to. Locking up your feelings for too long will only lead to an explosion of negative emotions. Also, more times than not, you will receive helpful advice.

Ultimately, the best stress management techniques are customized around what works for you, not just a simple list of steps.




Do not be afraid to do a bit of research, ask others for advice, or experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you!