Broward County March of the Living 2020

Karen R., Co-Editor-in -Chief

On Sunday, December 9th, the Broward March of the Living, MOTL, had their first meeting. About 40 out of the 61 students in the senior class are going on the Broward March of the Living this year, which makes it a Posnack majority. Some students are also going, however, they decided to join the BBYO or Miami delegation. 52 different countries participate in the March of the Living, and about 260,000 people go each year. The official march in 2020 from Auschwitz to Birkenau is Tuesday, April 21, and the march from Kikar Safra to the Kotel is on Wednesday, April 29th. 

This first meeting was an introduction to the MOTL. The students had the opportunity to meet people they didn’t know and learn more about the march. They also learned about Jewish life in Europe before the creation of the Nazi party and the rise of Anti-Semitism in Senior at Posnack and MOTL participant Lucas Zarat comments on the meeting, “I enjoyed meeting new people and learning about the march. I am excited to see what we will learn in our next meetings.” Lucas is anxiously awaiting the next meeting on Sunday, December 15th. 

Every year, students and teachers tune into the live broadcast to catch a glimpse of Posnack students. This year, stay tuned for more updates on the MOTL right here on the Posnack Pulse!