Bring it On: The Musical!

Emily M., Staff Writer

Every year, Posnack High school puts on a full scale musical. Past years have brought us such shows as  Legally Blonde, School of Rock and Les Miserables. This year Posnack is proud to present, Bring It On: The Musical, and we think it will “bring” something that our whole Posnack High School family will enjoy!

Bring It On: The Musical is loosely based on the movie series, Bring It On!  The movie series features 6 full-length films, so the musical has a lot of material to cover. The musical is about a girl named Campbell Davis. Campbell is the captain of her school’s cheerleading team, but then everything goes south! The school redistricts and has to send people to other schools. Now Campbell is starting fresh as an “outsider” at a new school. Drama ensues and Campbell finds herself in several uncomfortable and new situations that play out against a backdrop of super fun and upbeat songs!.   

Bring it On: The Musical runs from  January 26th – January 29th in the Brickman, so come on out to support your fellow students and our amazing Posnack arts program!