Barcelona FC: Neymar Update!

Yarin K., Senior Writer

Neymar Jr. joined Barcelona FC in 2013 after his move from a Brazilian team called Santos. When Neymar moved he instantly made an impact on the whole team’s chemistry. Barcelona’s team in LaLiga is always at the top of their league, but this particular season they were falling behind. As soon as the young Brazilian joined the Spanish team they won more games and eventually won the league. In 2017, Neymar made a move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a French team. As of mid-2018, Barcelona has desperately been trying to get Neymar back to the club.

Now, Neymar may be coming back home. After discussing Neymar’s return for the past four months, Barcelona and PSG may have come to an agreement. The proposed deal is a five-year contract binding Neymar to Barcelona until the year 2021. Neymar’s release clause from PSG will cost Barcelona $222 million, and Neymar will get a net salary of $15 million. Both sides of the transfer have agreed on the deal.