Album Review: Young Thug’s “So Much Fun”


Lucas Z., Staff Writer

On August 16th, 2019, Young Thug (also known as Thugger) released his much-anticipated album, “So Much Fun.” For his first time, Thugger’s album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.“So Much Fun” featured songs such as “Surf” (feat. Gunna), “Mannequin Challenge” (feat. Juice WRLD), and “What’s the Move” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert).

In my personal opinion, this was a much-needed bounce back for the Atlanta-based rapper, whose prior album, “Slime Language” was considered one of his worst. With “So Much Fun,” Thugger re-established himself as one of the most talented rappers in the rap game.

Thugger’s hooks have always been considered great, but fellow artist J. Cole’s assistance in production elevated the bar more than ever. J. Cole has almost a decade of experience in the rap game logging numerous accolades such as Triple Platinum, Best Mixtapes, and others. With J. Cole’s experience in producing stellar albums such as Forest Hills Drive, his talent played a large part in producing what is arguably the album of 2019. All in all, this was a gem of an album, and I believe it is going to be a Young Thug classic. My rating for the album is 9/10.